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    Holy shit.

    TX followers- can you pass this around?

    pro lifers: proposing saving babies by kidnapping and falsely imprisoning vulnerable pregnant people

    This is something prolifers who associate with A/H/A are not above doing. Kidnapping and coercion aren’t good things. 

    Terrorism, that’s all AHA is, they are a terrorist group, smh… - Paige

    This post was from 2013. I don’t know if this issue is still occurring but the Cicadia Collective is aware that their email has been compromised; they posted about it themselves on Facebook in 2013.

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  2. I wonder what the service fees would be. 

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  3. Handwritten letters aren’t dead.
    Especially if I can stamp them with these beauties.

  4. I really wish they’d reissue these Supersisters cards now. Feminism needs trading cards like whoa.

  5. This photoshoot is the real secret of Carcosa.

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  6. I know this is a piglet and teacup mini pigs aren’t really a real thing i.e they are bred to be small but you have to basically keep them on a starvation diet for all of their lives and even then they’re going to be 40lb dog-sized which is completely ridiculous and who would even want a pig if you couldn’t feed it all the time but looooooooooook at this piglet’s paw????  


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  7. I’m ready for our dog and her brother to start their own buddy cop franchise: 

    Rude Boy and Peezy



  9. Attn: all Canadian friends — in the interest of fairness, this is exactly what high school in America is like.


  10. Attn: Deliajones — this makes me want to move to Moosejaw, stat. 

  11. rosetint-myworld:

    Her (2013)

    But… I can’t see how insanely high his pants come up past his navel here.

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  12. I can’t even with some of the comments on the click through (ie..let’s talk Baphomet and not identify Audrey Hepburn) but these are fascinating pictures from a de Rothschild Dali-themed party in ‘72.

  13. Dear deliajones,

    I really wish you were here in SF for 2 reasons — 1) this is Tommy Wiseau’s Fisherman’s Wharf office. Yes there are huge jeans hanging just below his face and 2) someone at the conference grossly misquoted Audre Lorde’s “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” in front of the entire group today.

    Consider this your postcard!

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  15. I have to fly cross country tomorrow and my nerves are already in tatters after getting food poisoning today (Cobb salad is dead to me now) and trying to finish out program launches before I take a few days off.

    Sitting here and reading about the scientific explanations for turbulence really isn’t making this any better. I know it’s an irrational fear and I know the factoids about how I’m more likely to die in an auto accident than on any flight at any time.
    That’s the thing. I’m not afraid of dying or crashing or any of that because it’s illogical. I’m bodily afraid of the feeling of turbulence. My guts literally cannot handle being physically sloshed around while I have no control over them. (The sprinkling of claustrophobia inherent in squishing my fat ass into an airline seat doesn’t help either.) 

    I’ve done all my little rituals: Packed methodically. Put out 2 Xanax and a glass of water for the second I wake up so I can get my dolls in me before I’m awake enough to be nauseous. Set two alarms just in case. Pre-apologized to Chris for anything stupid I say tomorrow. Tore my cuticles and nail beds to shreds.
    Prepare for departure.